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The Search For A Director For The MCU's Fantastic 4 Reboot Is Said To Be Far From Over

The wait for a #MarvelCinematicUniverse Fantastic Four film will continue, as the studio is said to be months away from naming a replacement for filmmaker Jon Watts

Feige stated that a Fantastic Four film set in the MCU was in the works, but no additional details were published until 2020, when MCU Spider-Man filmmaker Jon Watts was named as the project's director. Watts, on the other hand, finally left the project in April of this year, claiming a desire to move away from the superhero genre. Since then, no new director or cast roster has been announced; even though John Krasinski appeared in Doctor Strange 2 as Mr. Fantastic, there has been no assurance that his alternate-universe version will be continued on Earth-616.

Surprisingly, the continuing hunt for a director for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Fantastic Four is inextricably related to the current Doctor Strange film. According to Deadline reporter Justin Kroll, Feige and his crew aren't close to narrowing down a huge list of applicants, which apparently includes some major names. According to Kroll, the reason for the postponement is that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige does not want to "oversee the entire shoot" and is searching for a filmmaker like Multiverse of Madness' Sam Raimi, who does not need to be micromanaged during production. Take a look at some of Kroll's tweets below:

If Feige and his team are searching for an experienced filmmaker like Raimi, they should look to directors they've worked with before, like Jon Favreau, James Gunn, or the Russo brothers. They might also look to other Disney properties, such as Obi Wan Kenobi director Deborah Chow, for inspiration. Given the positive response to the program thus far, she might provide a fascinating, new voice to the project, which is typical of the MCU's policy of bringing in up-and-coming talent. In the end, they may choose a filmmaker familiar with blockbusters who hasn't worked on any of the recent Disney franchises, such as Mission: Impossible director Brad Bird, who practically created a flawless Fantastic Four film with Pixar's The Incredibles.

While it's fun to guess, there won't be any serious news regarding the MCU Fantastic Four movie director anytime soon. Given the rumored extensive list of applicants and the lengthy contract negotiations that would likely follow, viewers may not know who will be portraying the First Family until the end of the year. This might also imply that any confirmation of Krasinski's return to the Fantastic Four is even farther off, allowing fans plenty of time to discuss whether he should continue as Reed Richards.

Source: Justin Kroll

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