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The Season 3 Trailer For Netflix's Love, Death, And Robots Reveals Nine New Stories

Season 3 of Netflix's animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots will feature nine new stories, according to a trailer.

The 9 new stories that the animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots will tackle are revealed in a trailer for Netflix's Love, Death & Robots season 3. Love, Death & Robots features self-contained episodes from indie animation companies in the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres. Seasons 1 and 2 received critical praise and were nominated for 12 Emmy awards, winning 11 of them. With the return of "Three Robots," a post-apocalyptic comedy including robot comments on what life was like for humans, Love, Death & Robots season 3 will have the first sequel to a tale from season 1. It will also include episodes by past series creators such as Alberto Mielgo, David Fincher, and Tim Miller (who also created the show).

Netflix has released a trailer for Season 3 of Love, Death, and Robots, which contains quick teases from each of the nine new storylines. No two stories are same, which makes for an intriguing and interesting preview. This trailer arrives just over a week before Love, Death, and Robots season 3 premieres. The following is the complete trailer:

Part of what makes Love, Death & Robots so effective is that each episode is unique, fascinating, and thought-provoking, even if the tone and topic matter shift drastically from episode to episode. Aside from that, viewers can expect to see a variety of animation techniques, each of which contributes to the story's distinctiveness, and some of which are breathtakingly photo-realistic. When Love, Death & Robots season 3 premieres, fans can expect to see some of their favorite filmmakers from previous seasons as well as discover new ones.

Source: Netflix

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