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The Sequel To Marvel's Spider-Man Video Game Hires Doctor Strange MCU Artist As A Creative Director

Davison Carvalho was appointed as a creative director for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in February, and his experience includes many MCU flicks

In September of last year, fans received their first glimpse at Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which introduced a few new features for the sequel, including the famous foes Venom and Kraven. Insomniac also introduced a Wolverine-themed game on the same day, which would be situated in the same world as its Spider-Man games. Crew members that worked on the first PS4 Spider-Man will be a part of the new game's development to help bring the worlds of X-men and Spider-Man together. This has left several roles for Spider-Man 2 to be filled, and it looks like Insomniac has made some wise decisions.

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Davison Carvalho, one of the new art directors for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, has extensive experience working as a concept artist for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to Video Games Chronicle. The art director was recruited in February 2022 and has worked on Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, Captain Marvel, and Thor: Ragnarok, among other projects. Carvalho has worked on a number of well-known video game brands, including Mortal Kombat X and Halo Infinite.

The recruitment of talent like Carvalho appears to reflect Insomniac's aim to create a common comic book gaming universe akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been a number of Marvel video games in recent years that have prompted some fans to be perplexed. This is especially true of games that directly contradict comic book universe tales, making canon plotlines difficult to determine. Bringing on creatives that have worked on such wide universes and are familiar with high-profile projects might help solve the problem.

Despite the fact that the development team for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has changed, it already appears like the game will stand up to Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The new experiences will most likely build on what players have learned in previous games while also incorporating backstory from comic book stories. Hopefully, this suggests that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will find the appropriate mix between old and new material, resulting in an exciting new chapter in the franchise. Source: Video Games Chronicle

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