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The Sims 4 SDX Update Adds Parenting Scenarios And Pride Flags

A new Sims 4 Delivery Express update has arrived, bringing with it new pride flag swatches, a Logitech headset, and a new parenting-themed Scenario

SDX drops were initially added to The Sims 4 in late 2021 as a means to deliver little doses of material without requiring a whole game update. SDX drops in The Sims 4 have often featured a small number of objects, clothes, or hair, and were frequently accompanied with an in-game Scenario. Many Sims Delivery Express drops have included goods to make the game more inclusive, such as traditional cultural clothes and international meals. Since then, Sims Delivery Express drops have been a regular occurrence, with at least one SDX added to the game every month. Scenarios are also a relatively new feature to the game, and they serve as a method for players to face fresh obstacles. Sims 4 Scenarios have previously pushed players to do things like find love after a breakup, collect frogs, or reach the pinnacle of a job.

The Sims 4 Twitter account announced this week's Sims Delivery Express Drop, which includes new in-game goodies as well as a Scenario. The SDX has added two new variations of a Progress Pride flag to the game's already-existing Pride flag item. A new light-up Logitech headset component, available in a variety of vivid color combinations, has also been incorporated. The new Scenario is called "Proud Parent," and it is about raising children. The Scenario's description in-game reads: "A Sim aspires to be the best parent they can be. Love and care should be given to your child from birth until adolescence."

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Although it's unclear how the constraints of this new Scenario differ from the Sims 4's existing family-based goals that center on being a good parent, a new Scenario is always welcome in the game. Scenarios have been a wonderful method to liven up ordinary gameplay and make The Sims 4 entertaining again since its inception, which is especially important after 7 years of the game's existence.

This newest SDX may not have the same thematic cohesiveness as previous deliveries, but that doesn't mean the new goods aren't a welcome addition to the game. This isn't The Sims 4's first partnership with Logitech; the game previously collaborated with Logitech to create a feature in which players' headphones would change color dependent on the mood of their Sim. Although The Sims 4 already had various Pride flag swatches accessible to users, any attempt to expand inclusion is always appreciated.

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