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The Sonic Family Will Be Expanding Entirely Into Fall Guys With More New Skins Being Added

Along with brand-new skins based on characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Fall Guys' Sonic and Knuckles skins are making a comeback in the game.

Fall Guys' partnerships with other video games are one of the things that keep people coming back. Players can now acquire a ton of Fall Guy's skins based on well-known video game characters, and five Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired skins will be making an appearance very soon.

On their Twitter page, Fall Guys published a picture of the skins, which also feature Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Dr. Eggman, and Super Sonic. The picture depicts Sonic the Hedgehog running on a layout modeled by the well-known Green Hill Zone, which serves as the opening level for many Sonic the Hedgehog video games. Sonic the Hedgehog is followed by Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman while Super Sonic soars above them.

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In response to the tweet, several Sonic the Hedgehog fans voiced their delight and said they couldn't wait to obtain the skins, especially the new ones because some had previously purchased Sonic and Knuckles when they were initially launched. Additionally, several Twitter fans expressed a desire for future Sonic the Hedgehog skins in Fall Guys including Amy Rose and Shadow the Hedgehog.

These skins will be accessible during Sonic the Hedgehog's Sonic's Adventure event in Fall Guys. Players will also be able to take part in a Sonic show created just for the event and play a brand-new round in addition to getting these skins. The event will start on August 11 and go on until August 15.

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Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog are in for a terrific year in 2022. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the much-awaited movie sequel, was released at the beginning of April, while Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was scheduled for release at the conclusion of 2024. At the end of June, a collection of old games called Sonic Origins was released. Sonic Frontiers, a new open-world game, is scheduled to arrive later this year. This partnership with Fall Guys, which coincides with Sonic the Hedgehog's reappearance, demonstrates that Sonic won't be slowing down anytime soon.

Source: FallGuysGame

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