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The Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise Has Sold Over 1.5 Billion Units

According to Sega's most recent financial report for the past year, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has sold over 1.5 billion units.

It's no secret that this franchise has had a lot of ups and downs, both critically and commercially, over the last three decades, but it's still managed to stay relevant. With the Sonic franchise's bright future appearing to be on the horizon, this has translated into a significant increase in sales.

The Sega report included financial statistics for everything released between the end of March 2021 and the end of March 2022. This includes the Persona franchise's sales milestones as well as other in-house IPs from the company. Sonic the Hedgehog was also extensively discussed in this report, which covered a wide range of media in which the franchise has appeared.

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According to the report, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has sold over 1.5 billion units. However, it is noted that this includes both full games and downloads of free-to-play games, which muddies the statistics slightly. Sega has released a number of mobile games since 2013, including Sonic Dash, Sonic Runners, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, and others.

The number of downloads for these free games, as well as microtransactions, are likely to have contributed to these high sales figures, with Sonic Forces: Speed Battle reportedly surpassing 94 million downloads in April 2022. With this data in mind, this represents an increase over the previous fiscal year, as well as a reported 1.4 million sales forecast for 2023.

Sega's report did mention some strategies for increasing the IP's growth and expanding its global appeal. Continuing the momentum established by the Sonic movies, Sega will use the IP in a variety of ways, including collaborations with other popular games and licensing in areas such as toys and merchandise. This report also mentions that, with the Sonic fanbase now growing even larger as a result of the films' recent success, there will be strategies to use the IP in creating new games to increase profits. The company will employ a strategy that includes the release of a variety of media based on the IP, as evidenced by the upcoming release of Sonic Frontiers and the Sonic Prime animated show.

Source: Sega

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