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The Teaser For Sonic Frontiers Demonstrates Open-World Gameplay And Combat

Sonic Frontiers has released a new teaser trailer that shows off the game's colourful open environment as well as some of Sonic's new attacks

Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka has gone on record saying that his team wants to take the long-running Sonic The Hedgehog franchise in a new and exciting direction with Sonic Frontiers, and the developers even postponed the game's original release date to coincide with the Blue Blur's anniversary celebration to give them more time to polish the game's new gameplay mechanics. Sonic Frontiers will, indeed, have a completely explorable open environment, as well as new fighting types to complement Sonic's iconic speed.

Sonic Frontiers teaser clip provided by the official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter account gives a little taste of what the game's new mechanics may entail. Sonic can be seen powering up some kind of radar device by running through a metal hamster wheel-like structure, dodging enemy attacks with super speed, and even unleashing fast-paced aerial combos on the many robotic enemies in his way, in addition to his usual antics of collecting life-sustaining Rings, boosting through colorful worlds at extreme speed, and grinding on rails. While the assaults appear to start with Sonic's iconic Homing Attack, which has been a part of his arsenal since Sonic Adventure, spectators may subsequently see him launch punches, kicks, and spinning tornado strikes. Before the clip closes with the enigmatic Sonic Frontiers logo that was seen in the game's early teases, Sonic can be seen rushing up the leg of a bigger mech to strike at its apparent weak place. Finally, in June, IGN will host a special Sonic Frontiers cover story that promises to divulge even more details.

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The narrative of Sonic Frontiers is unknown, save for the fact that it is being written by Ian Flynn, the current Sonic The Hedgehog comic writer. Sonic composer Jun Senoue will return to contribute to Sonic Frontiers' soundtrack, and the current voice actors for Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, and Dr. Eggman will all reprise their roles in the upcoming game - with Amy's ghostlike voice in the previous Sonic Frontiers trailer causing a lot of speculation.

Sonic Frontiers, when it releases later this year for current and last-gen systems, appears to be pushing the Sonic franchise in a new path, based on what the most recent Sonic Frontiers video has showed. Sonic's new attacks appear to fit in well with the series' traditional emphasis on speed, as he is seen employing agility and quick strikes to dispatch his robotic foes - with the inclusion of melee-style punches and kicks to go along with his basic Homing Attack.

Source: Sonic The Hedgehog

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