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The Unreal Engine 4 Remake Of Ocarina Of Time Looks Incredible

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is currently being worked on in Unreal Engine 4, and new footage demonstrating progress is now available.

CryZENx, whose actual name is Joseph, has been working on this recreation of Ocarina of Time for several years and has been releasing fresh updates as they are completed on YouTube. This upgrade comes only months after another update for the Unreal Engine version of Ocarina of Time was published in December 2021, indicating that things are progressing nicely. The release date has not yet been announced.

CryZENx has produced an almost 14-minute video detailing the work made on the UE4 recreation of Ocarina of Time. The movie alternates between old and new versions of material. The new clip shows an upgraded version of Kokiri Forest, which is where the original game starts, with a more polished look than before. In this video, new appearances for foes such as Deku Baba and Skultulas are also introduced. It also has horseback riding, as seen in the 4.26 film describing the development of this version of Ocarina of Time. The current state of the clouds, as well as an options menu and a multiplayer mode, are all seen in this video.

The remake isn't the only one in the works; RwanLink is working on an Ocarina of Time remake in UE5. Unreal Engine is a piece of software that is utilized in a lot of AAA games these days, and its usage to re-create Ocarina of Time has given it a fresh lease of life that not even the 3DS remake had at the time of its release.

CryZENx also stated at the start of the video that Sora will be a playable character for entertainment purposes. This may be a fun addition to the remake, with a crossover that few fans would anticipate from a reimagined version of one of the finest 3D games of the 1990s.

The iconic game continues to solidify its place in the gaming industry as one of the finest Zelda games of all time, with a PC port on the way. It's nice to see such a cherished classic updated with the times, as older games are usually in need of some upgrading owing to their now antiquated visuals.

Source: CryZENx

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