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The Villain From Yellowstone Season 2 Could Make A Comeback, Says Star

Neal McDonough, who plays Malcolm Beck in Yellowstone Season 2, teases the possible reappearance of his evil character, who may still be alive

McDonough is a well-known character actor who has been in a number of TV shows, including Band of Brothers, Traveler, Desperate Housewives, Justified, and Arrow, to mention a few. McDonough portrayed Malcolm Beck in Yellowstone Season 2, a sleazy local businessman with huge money who was dissatisfied with Thomas Rainwater's rivalry and chooses to go too far when John Dutton refuses to go through with the plot to disrupt Rainwater's intentions to develop a casino in the region. This provokes a showdown as Beck goes after the Dutton family, hiring a militia to abduct Kayce Dutton's son and attempt to rape and murder Beth Dutton. In Yellowstone season 2's last encounter, John Dutton seriously wounds Beck, and it's thought that Beck dies as a result, yet it's been commonly hypothesized that he may have survived his wounds.

McDonough addresses the rumors in an interview with TV Line, stating that he feels Beck did not die as fans originally believed. When asked about his character's death at the conclusion of Yellowstone Season 2, he said, "I don't know." "sending shockwaves" McDonough was eager to point out that the character may still be alive, asking, "Did I die? Did I? That's something I'm not sure of. We've discussed how we didn't actually see Malcolm Beck's eyes shut. That option is always present. My brother is unlikely to return, but there is a chance."

From season to season, Yellowstone has featured a shifting cast of antagonists, including McDonough's Beck. Season 5 of Yellowstone is now in production, and while some new cast members have been announced, McDonough's name is not among them. McDonough's Beck was a particularly cruel and devious adversary, providing plenty of drama in Yellowstone Season 2. His approach and demeanor established the ideal relationship between him and the Duttons, making for all-around entertaining television. A compelling adversary is essential for any production, and McDonough has played that role in several programs with consistent success. Returning Beck would be a novelty for Yellowstone, which focuses on death rather than resurrections in its storyline.

Source: TV Insider

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