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The Werewolf By Night Pitch Astounded MCU President Kevin Feige

Director Michael Giacchino of Werewolf By Night claims Kevin Feige couldn't believe he wanted to film a special on the obscure horror character.

Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel Studios, couldn't believe director Michael Giacchino's idea for the upcoming Disney+ Halloween special Werewolf by Night. Giacchino discussed his encounter with the Marvel Cinematic Universe architect with ScreenRant, revealing an unusual reaction.

"It was amusing because [Kevin Feige] was speaking to me and asked, 'So, what would you like to do?' 'I want to go Werewolf by Night,' I said "He remembered. "And he stared at me as if to say, 'Really? I mean, really? 'Werewolf-' I say, 'Yeah, that's exactly what I want.' 'Wow,' he said. Okay, fair enough. Let us talk about it.' And the talk just kept going, and going, and continuing, until we were here."

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Pitching a special based on one of Marvel's lesser-known characters looks to have paid off for Giacchino, who is also an occasional television director and composer of films including Pixar's Ratatouille and Up, as well as Warner Bros.' remake The Batman.

The first trailer for Werewolf by Night, which was released at Disney's D23 celebrations, has a mix of horror and fun that is more reminiscent of Universal's legendary monster pictures than previous MCU projects. Despite its lesser scope in comparison to Marvel's feature-length blockbusters, Giacchino termed the special a "blast" and a "very hard process."

Based on the Marvel comic book of the same name, Werewolf By Night stars Gael Garcia Bernal as Jack Russell, a man who changes into a werewolf while preserving some of his humanity. The special's premise centers around a cabal of hunters who meet at Bloodstone Temple to compete for a mysterious item. In addition to the eponymous Werewolf, the teaser included Man-Thing and Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), a notable monster slayer and former part of Marvel's primary "616" comic universe.

Roy and Jeanie Thomas, Gerry Conway, and Mike Ploog developed Jack Russell, who first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #2 in 1972. That same year, the character got his own series, Werewolf By Night, which lasted for 43 issues until 1977. Moon Knight made his MCU debut in Issue #32 as a hired mercenary charged with destroying Jack Russell. Despite this early link between the two characters and the new Moon Knight Disney+ series, Giacchino has announced that the Fist of Khonshu would not feature in his special.

Source: ScreenRant

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