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Tom Hiddleston Explains Why The Marvel Cinematic Universe Needed To Make Loki Bisexual

When Loki came out as bisexual in the Disney+ show, Tom Hiddleston discussed why it was necessary for Marvel to have Loki openly gay in the MCU

Hiddleston debuted as the Norse deity in Kenneth Branagh's 2011 blockbuster Thor, and he has subsequently starred in five more MCU films. Loki is gay in both Norse mythology and various comic book interpretations, with several iterations of the character being genderfluid. While Hiddleston's Loki's sexuality was never mentioned in the MCU films, his Loki was revealed to be bisexual in the Disney+ series.

Hiddleston addresses Loki's newly disclosed sexuality with actor Lily James in Variety's Apple TV+ exclusive episode, Actors on Actors. Hiddleston claims that Loki's sexual and gender flexibility came up frequently when he was studying the character for Thor, and that the MCU had never presented this fluidity in a story before. Hiddleston also concedes that while revealing Loki's homosexuality is a little step, the MCU is moving in the right direction in terms of representing more LGBT tales. Read the rest of Hiddleston's musings below:

“Back from my early days of researching the character in the ancient myths, the identity of Loki was fluid in every aspect and in gender, in sexuality. It’s a very ancient part of the character and I think I thought about it. … It hadn’t emerged in the stories we’ve told. And I was really pleased and privileged, actually, that it’s came up in the series. It’s a small step. There’s so much more to do. But the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to reflect the world we live in. So it was an honor to bring that up. It was really important to me. It was really important to [director] Kate Herron and [showrunner] Michael Waldron, and I’m pleased that we could bring it into our story.

Critics saw the announcement as trivial and dismissive, claiming that the MCU was too proud of itself for a mere four words of representation. The MCU has already been chastised for its lack of LGBTQ+ diversity and poor attempts at representation. Hiddleston, on the other hand, has clearly done his research on the role and is delighted to express even a little part of Loki's homosexual identity. While Loki's on-screen coming out was not done to the standard that many LGBTQ+ fans had hoped for, both Hiddleston and the Loki crew appear to be highly interested in exploring more of Loki's sexuality and gender identity.

Source: Variety

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