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Triple H Declares His Return To WWE In A Performance Center Meeting

Triple H allegedly assured everyone in attendance at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando today that he is returning.

Triple H has been dealing with a number of health difficulties in recent months, but he appears to have returned to the WWE Performance Center on June 22 with a message to give. In an emotional send-off, he left his boots in the middle of the ring to start WrestleMania 38, and it wasn't until later that the seriousness of his cardiac troubles became clear. These concerns compelled him to formally retire from ring activity and leave the black and gold NXT behind. During his stint at NXT, Triple H changed the course of WWE's developmental brand and transformed it into must-see television.

While Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown failed to consistently create high-quality professional wrestling, the stars of the black and gold era put together some of the company's most prestigious encounters. In his absence, Vince McMahon switched the emphasis of NXT. Instead of attracting elite talent away from NJPW and IMPACT, WWE now seeks out young, high-level athletes and teaches them how to wrestle, usually from the ground up.

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When Triple H showed up at the WWE Performance Center on June 22, it came as a bit of a surprise. This is what happened, according to @iamjohnpollock on Twitter. "Paul Levesque was in Orlando today, according to various reports, and spoke at the Performance Center.

Among those I spoke with, Levesque commented, 'he's back.'" Pollock, a PostWrestlingCafe.com reporter, said that it's unclear what that signifies, but it's undoubtedly interesting considering everything going on with Vince McMahon.

McMahon resigned as CEO and chairman earlier this week, following charges that he paid a former paralegal $3 million in hush money to keep their connection hidden. Stephanie McMahon, Triple H's wife, and Vince's daughter took up both of her father's positions throughout the investigation. It's worth mentioning that Vince still retains complete creative authority over the company and has appeared on both episodes of live WWE television since The Wall Street Journal's original bombshell revelation. The story claimed that those backstage were overjoyed at the prospect of working with Stephanie in her CEO capacity.

If Triple H returns to the WWE Performance Center in some creative role, it will be nothing but fantastic news for pro wrestling fans. Even though NXT 1.0's best talent didn't all go on to huge things on the main roster, Triple H's Takeover events were fantastic, and he has a wealth of expertise to pass on to the greener wrestlers on NXT 2.0's roster. It'll be fascinating to watch how all of this plays out in regards to Triple H. Perhaps fans will be treated to an unusual combination of the two NXT brands. Perhaps Triple H is only there as a trainer to work with talent. Regardless, it's great to know he's back on set and, presumably, in excellent condition.

Source: @iamjohnpollock

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