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Twitch Has Again Been Implicated With Having Different Standards for Men and Women

A tweet sent out by popular Twitch streamer shirahiko has given fire once again to the debate on the double standards shown on the streaming platform Twitch for men and women.

Launched on June 6, 2011, the Amazon owned goliath entity, Twitch, is the largest and most-frequented streaming platform on the web. Thanks to its relatively easy to use UI and variety of free tools to use at your own content, it has opened its doors to streamers all over the world and given some lucky few the chance to be given unimaginable opportunities. From young folks buzzing around to try and catch them all, to older citizens getting popularity for still loving and enjoying playing their favorite video game, World Of Warcraft, even still at the young age of 80 years old.


But for all the good that Twitch has to offer, one glaring blunder it seems to have internally, which has caused countless debates online is its flawed terms and conditions, which can lead to lines being blurred. The option to title a stream "I HATE MEN" was tweeted out by user shirahiko, a prominent Twitch streamer with over 20,000 followers, whereas the alternative "I HATE WOMEN" was rejected by Twitch's moderation rules. In her most recent broadcast, she stated that her purpose with the tweet was to emphasize the irony of the double standard.

Shirahiko reported that she had been the target of sexist remarks ranging from obscene obscenities to being urged to stop playing video games and return to the kitchen. The tweet drew some criticism, with commenters pointing out the wasted chance to tackle sexism in streaming on a bigger scale, as well as a misrepresentation as a joke to be made on a subject that many people don't find humorous. Sexism in gaming extends beyond the Twitch platform, with toxic workplaces ranging from Ubisoft to the recently-exposed Undead Labs Studio.

Twitch has corrected the problem after the message went viral, prohibiting both gender-based hatred messages in titles. According to a Twitch representative, the mismatch is caused by machine-learning restrictions, which cause some algorithms to read one as harmful but not the other. While Twitch has been chastised for its unbalanced Hateful Conduct and Harassment Policy, the platform continues to address issues as they emerge, as it did when Twitch cracked down on damaging disinformation. For the time being, streamers and content creators may take a big breath and relax, knowing that this example of double standards was simply a misunderstanding.

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