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Tyrese Gibson Naps On Set With Sung Kang In A Fast 10 Image

Tyrese Gibson napping on Sung Kang while on set, as shown in the latest behind-the-scenes shot from the upcoming Fast X

The planned sequel to F9, directed by Louis Leterrier, is the tenth main movie in the successful Fast & Furious franchise, which debuted in 2001. Despite the fact that the series has evolved over time, from illicit street racing to heists and high-tech eavesdropping introduced in 2011's Fast Five, the films have maintained economic success and audience excitement, becoming one of the highest-grossing series to date. In addition to Gibson and Kang, Fast X will be released in theaters on May 19, 2023, and will feature Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Charlize Theron, Jordana Brewster, Brie Larson, and Jason Momoa.

Gibson plays Roman Pearce, a former criminal, and Kang plays Han Lue, who was assumed dead before to the events of F9. Both characters are experienced street racers and members of Dom Toretto's squad, and have become into fan favorites over time. Gibson, like many other cast members, has been using social media to keep fans updated on the filming process, building anticipation after posting his reaction to the Fast X screenplay in March. While his comments suggested that the upcoming film will be a step forward, further posts showing co-stars like Ludacris or commemorating the late Paul Walker and his family have sparked a lot of interest and conversation from fans.

In A New Video With Ludacris Vin Diesel Gives A Fast 10 Filming Update

Gibson looks to be napping on Kang while on the set of Fast X, according to a new behind-the-scenes Instagram photo from Diesel. In the caption, the actor wrote "Set life," which Gibson humorously reposted on his own page. Below is the most recent photo of Gibson and Kang:

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Diesel, like Gibson, has been updating fans of the Fast & Furious franchise, even disclosing the title and logo for the next chapter. He's also teased fans with behind-the-scenes footage of him alongside Brie Larson and Jason Momoa, foreshadowing their roles in the film. Diesel has maintained a degree of enthusiasm while commenting about Fast X, declaring himself blessed and thanking the fans for their support, despite the revelation that Justin Lin stepped down as director and some conjecture about the development process as a whole.

It's evident that all of the Fast & Furious franchise's returning cast members like working on these films and cherish their on-set connections and experiences. Gibson and Kang, who have appeared in the most of the big films, are another illustration of how close this group has gotten. When Fast X reaches theaters next summer, fans of both performers and their characters may expect to see them again.

Source: Vin Diesel

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