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Unusual Things The Dr. Brenner Actor Engages In Some Odd Fan Interactions

Stranger Things Dr. Brenner actor Matthew Modine recently described an odd meeting with the show's viewers in a recent interview

The crew is split up as they deal with brand-new issues in this season, which takes place six months after the Battle of Starcourt Mall in season 3. Eleven and the Byers family are presently living in a suburban area of California and are making an effort to lead regular lives. However, things get much more difficult when Vecna, the terrifying new bad guy and a murderous telepath from the Upside-Down, starts killing people in Hawkins, and Eleven is once more singled out by the authorities.

Dr. Sam Owens abducts Eleven and takes her to a secret laboratory, where she meets Dr. Brenner again. Dr. Brenner was the determined scientist who had previously conducted experiments on Eleven and other young children with superhuman abilities. All of these kids called Dr. Brenner "Papa" and were forced to follow his every instruction.

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Modine acknowledged having strange encounters with fervent fans during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The actor recalled one such incident that took place in Italy when he was greeted by a group of young children who all addressed him as "Papa," mimicking what the abducted kids on the show called Dr. Brenner. See what Modine said after that.

"When the show broke, I was doing a television...mini-series in Italy. And all the little Italian children were coming up and saying, 'Papa! Papa! Papa!' And I thought, 'That's really weird. Why are they calling me papa?' And my children call me papa. And then, two plus two equaled four and I realized that it was because of the show."

Modine must have originally found the experience in Italy unusual since he was perplexed by the motives of the small admirers. The actor contrasts the popularity of Stranger Things to that of his widely praised Stanley Kubrick war movie, Full Metal Jacket, and said that he was thrilled by the response. A fan base that is so devoted to a program that becomes a worldwide phenomenon tends to express themselves in a variety of ways. Many works of art have been produced by fans, such as a tribute to Murray Bauman and his karate prowess using digital art that mimics The Karate Kid. Another creator combined Stranger Things with the 80s horror classic Nightmare on Elm Street, which had a significant effect on season 4. It is understandable that fans would continue to express their gratitude to the performers who contributed to making Stranger Things into the phenomenon it is today, given that the series is smashing streaming records and dominating Netflix's viewership.

Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers

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