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Upcoming Big Bad For Titan's Season 4 Shares An Image Of His New Look

Sebastian Blood in Titans is played by Joseph Morgan, who is well known for playing Klaus in the world of The Vampire Diaries.

Still going strong after 4 years now, Titans have continued to expand the borders of its universe as it continues to grow with exciting new stories, and well-beloved characters being introduced into the show. Season 4 will continue in that aspect because after the successful apprehending of Season 3's big bad Jonathan Crane (Vincent Kartheiser) and the Red Hood, Season 4 will need a new menace for the Titans to tasle with, and they will get that with the unassuming Sebastian Blood.

Sebastian Blood will also be portrayed by vampire royalty, as Titans have drafted in the incredibly talented Joseph Morgan to bring Sebastian Blood to life on the HBO Max screens. We will get to see the full descent into madness as we will not meet the fully blown supervillain from the start but actually get to witness and go on this journey of his full-blown rage.

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Morgan was cast as Brother Blood in Titans Season 4 in January 2022. In March, he announced that filming had begun and provided a few further insights about his interpretation of the role. He begins his adventure as Sebastian Sangre, Morgan said, indicating that the character's evolving aspect drew him to the part. "Exploring how he transforms from being Sebastian to being Brother Blood has been tremendously rewarding for me and will likely continue to be so."

Although Joseph Morgan will not have the honor of being the first to bring Sebastian Blood to live action, The villain Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood first appeared in live-action in Season 2 of Arrow, played by Lucifer's Kevin Alejandro. Alejandro's Blood, who acted as the season's secondary antagonist to Manu Bennet's Slade Wilson, was an apparently upright politician by day and a cult leader at night. The abusive father of Sebastian Blood in Arrow was also given the name Sebastian Sangre, which Titans seems to be using as Blood's true name.

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May Bennett/Mother Mayhem, who will be portrayed by Franka Potente, will be featured in Season 4 of Titans and has strong ties to Brother Blood from the comics. Mother Mayhem is Brother Blood's wife and the mother of the following Brother Blood because the Brother Blood moniker is inherited. Brother Blood has also appeared in a number of animated DC productions, including Teen Titans Season 3's main antagonist, Teen Titans Gorecurring !'s antagonist, and the 2017 animated film Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, where Gregg Henry provided Brother Blood's voice.

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