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VFX Artists Prove CGI Backlash In Avatar 2 Trailer Is Wrong

Professional VFX artists argue that James Cameron's Avatar sequel improved "every single visual component" in the teaser for The Way of the Water

Cameron and his colleagues have had more than a decade to develop new technologies in order to assure high-quality underwater motion capture. Critics of Avatar 2 argue that the first Avatar has lost its cultural relevance. Others go so far as to argue that the teaser trailer for The Way of the Water does not resemble the original trailer in any way.

In a new film by Corridor Crew, three VFX artists dispute these critics. According to these artists, Avatar 2 does, in fact, improve upon the CGI of the first film in major ways. Despite the fact that the Way of the Water crew is clearly concerned with maintaining "the aesthetic of the first Avatar," these artists feel that the new trailer is a major improvement over the original. They dissect several of the film's aspects in relation to earlier assertions made by Avatar 2 detractors, such as the allegation that the water in the trailer is a realistic effect (i.e., it was all shot with actual water) rather than a computer-generated one. The visual effects artists explain:

"They’ve managed to nail the aesthetic of the original Avatar while also upgrading every single visual component that you can see."

“This shot right here, everything you’re seeing from the blue skin to the water, to the straps, everything you’re seeing was generated by a computer…so why does the internet refuse to believe that that shot is generated by a computer?

Though many viewers may have been surprised to learn that the Avatar: The Way of the Water video included full-scale CGI water, these VFX professionals demonstrate that their surprise says much about the movie's visual excellence. The water in the intimate close-up view seemed remarkably genuine, its physical movements reflecting those of actual water, rather than sloppy, wider-scale computer representations. The fact that the CGI isn't noticeably different from the original shows that Avatar 2's VFX artists were paying great attention to the world they were creating and kept true to the original universe while using considerably more advanced technologies. These VFX artists, all of whom are pros in the field, are ecstatic about the developments in Avatar 2. With so much time passing since the release of the first Avatar film, it's easy for fans to disregard the sequel, believing that it falls short of its trailblazing predecessor. Viewers may get a better idea of how sophisticated and refined this new CGI is thanks to this new shot-by-shot analysis. Of course, the Na'vi are still blue, and their eye forms are remarkably identical to those of the originals. The CGI world of The Way of the Water, on the other hand, is no less colorful and breathtaking than it was when Avatar debuted in theaters in 2009.

Source: Corridor Crew

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