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Voice Actor From GTA 5 Responds To Rumors Of Michael Joining GTA Online

Ned Luke, the actor who played Michael in Grand Theft Auto 5, has replied to speculations that the character may appear in GTA Online in a future update

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most successful games of all time, with only Minecraft outselling it in terms of sales. Whilst players first met Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in 2013, the game's online counterpart has received significant attention from Rockstar Games, with the game receiving ongoing support and upgrades for the past nine years. Just last year, gamers were able to hit the streets alongside GTA 5's Franklin from the main plot, paving the way for future story-mode and GTA Online crossovers.

The event sparked rumors earlier this week when a datamine revealed that Michael may join GTA Online via a new update. Ned Luke, Michael's actor, turned to Twitter to reply to speculations that his character, who works in a movie studio, would join the game. Luke was not pleased with the news, but he was careful not to confirm or reject the reports. Of course, Luke should remain quiet about his possible role in a GTA Online upgrade, but fans in the tweet's responses area appear to assume that Ned knows something that they don't. The tweet below has Luke's reaction.

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The supposed proof of an impending GTA Online update discovered in the leak is insufficient to prove a new DLC based on Michael, however Luke's answer may imply that something in the datamine is accurate. Rockstar normally publishes major GTA Online upgrades around the end of the summer, so it may be some time before anything in the datamine is verified or denied, however fans should anticipate something huge to come shortly now that GTA Online has been published for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Source: Ned Luke

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