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Why Didn't Moon Knight Include Marvel's Werewolf By Night

Writer Jeremy Slater reveals why Werewolf by Night was not included in Disney+'s Moon Knight series and how the team went about introducing him.

Oscar Isaac starred as the title hero in Moon Knight, with Ethan Hawke as Farrow, May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly/Scarlet Scarab, Karim El Hakim, Ann Akinjirin, David Ganly, and F. Murray Abraham as Khonshu's voice. The series, which debuted in March, garnered mostly excellent reviews from reviewers and audiences alike for its darker tone, lack of links to the wider MCU, and Isaac and Hawke's performances. Given Moon Knight's background in comic books, which has mostly linked him to the world of monsters, some fans expected the series to feature other significant characters from this domain, however it appears that one was never on the table.

With the series finale currently airing, writer Jeremy Slater spoke with about the mysteries of Moon Knight. Slater stated that there were no specific conversations about including Werewolf by Night in the program when asked about the speculations, but that the creative team did have to work around their initial ideas for the character. Here's what Slater had to say:

"There weren't discussions of doing Werewolf by Night per se, just because they had already had some plans for him, and Kevin [Feige] had an idea of how he wanted to use him, which I'm still not privy to. I'm as in the dark as you are. In my pitch, one of the images that I used was a shot of Moon Knight fighting a giant, 12-foot-tall werewolf with glowing eyes. I was like, 'Look, yes, Moon Knight is a street-level vigilante guy. He can go up against the purse snatchers and the drug runners and everything. But he's also a monster hunter and that's how he was introduced,' and that's how he got his start."

Given their interactions in the comics, it's unsurprising that fans assumed Werewolf by Night would make his MCU debut in Moon Knight, especially since the show's creators indicated that it would take the franchise into the world of monsters and horror for the first time. The promos for the series, in which Moon Knight is seen pounding a wolf-like creature to a pulp in a museum lavatory, bolstered many fans' beliefs. This turned out to be a demonic jackal sent for Steven by Harrow, one of the numerous otherworldly creatures shown during the series.

While Moon Knight may not have included Werewolf by Night, there are plans for the character in the MCU's near future, with Gael Garcia Bernal heading the cast and The Batman composer Michael Giacchino scheduled to oversee a Disney+ Halloween special centered on the character. Furthermore, with Moon Knight already introduced and Mahershala Ali set to bring Blade to the MCU shortly, the likelihood of the Midnight Sons' entrance increases, perhaps allowing Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night to finally cross paths. In the interim, fans may catch up on all of Moon Knight's episodes on Disney+.


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