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Why One Character In The Boys Had A Surprising Reaction to V-24 In Season 3 Episode 4

Eric Kripke, showrunner of The Boys, discusses why one character had an unexpected reaction to ingesting V-24 in the fourth episode of season 3

Queen Maeve delivers Butcher three vials of V-24 at the start of Season 3 of The Boys. Butcher takes a dosage despite his hesitation and loathing for Supes and easily overpowers Payback member Gunpowder while seeking for the weapon that allegedly murdered Soldier Boy. Butcher, like his arch-nemesis Homelander, gains laser eyes, incredible strength, and invulnerability. Hughie requests to test some V-24 after finding Butcher's experiment in The Boys season 3, episode 4. Butcher rejects, stating, "It's not about power." It's retribution. You don't deserve anything." Hughie, on the other hand, ignores Butcher and takes some of the V-24 for himself, joyously teleporting away soon after.

Kripke discusses the disparity between Butcher and Hughie's reactions to V-24 in a recent interview with TVLine. Butcher sees the drug as a necessary evil, but Hughie craves a taste of the power he's been subjected to throughout the course of The Boys' two seasons. Read the entire quote below:

“It was very intentional, and we specifically discussed the both of them having very opposite reactions. For Butcher, he hate superheroes so much, and it’s so painful for him, it’s inevitable that he would hate the V. [For Hughie,] toxic masculinity is seductive, and the idea of actually being strong and powerful, especially when he’s had sand kicked in his face his whole life, is something that he’s really getting really high on. So he loves it...a drug he’s shooting in his veins, so as you can imagine, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere good. [Hughie’s] had to deal with a lot this year, and so he’s reacted in this big way.

Homelander threatens Hughie again in Episode 4 before he is saved by his love Starlight/Annie, exacerbating his anger, anxieties, and decision to inject himself with V-24. At the end of the Boys episode, Hughie is seen in a blissful condition, enjoying his previously shattered arm and oblivious to Kimiko's dreadful situation as a result of Soldier Boy's attack. V-24 is a controlled substance. Hughie and Butcher are on the verge of becoming addicts. Now that their small supply has been spent, they will certainly try to find out how to obtain some more. It'll be fascinating to watch how long V-24 has an impact on Hughie. Butcher had a number of troubling symptoms before vomiting all over Hughie. He appeared to be experiencing withdrawals and gaining permanent abilities. If this is the fact, and they manage to keep their souls, it will undoubtedly help them solve their Homelander problem. But nothing is ever that simple. Furthermore, Soldier Boy, the pinnacle of toxic masculinity, appears to have new energy powers that cancel off the effects of Compound-V in all of its manifestations.

Source: TVLine

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