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Why Tim Burton Won't Produce A Marvel Film For The Time Being

Tim Burton, the filmmaker of Batman Returns, reveals why directing a Marvel Cinematic Universe picture isn't on his radar, at least not in the near future.

Burton highlighted his problematic connection with Disney at the Lumiére Festival in Lyon, according to Deadline. Disney has grown into the Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars brands during his apprenticeship at the firm. "It's become really homogenized and consolidated." "There's less room for variety," Burton explained.

When asked if he would ever work on an MCU picture, Burton flatly denied any connection. "I can only handle one universe; I can't handle several universes." Since its inception with Iron Man in 2008, the MCU has grown to include almost 30 films and many Disney+ television programs. In 2009, Disney acquired the rights to Marvel Entertainment, providing the franchise with enormous potential for future expansion.

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Burton terminated his long-running collaboration with Disney after the 2019 live-action remake of Dumbo. "I was employed and dismissed multiple times throughout my time there," he stated. "I understood I was Dumbo, that I was working in this dreadful enormous circus, and that I had to get out." Despite ending his affiliation with Disney, Burton has not pursued an independent producing career.

"Here's the deal. I'm not sure about independent films. I've always dealt with studios, so I had no idea what an independent picture was." Burton began his filmmaking career when Disney saw his short Stalk of the Celery Monster. Later, after the same studio considered Burton's 1984 short Frankenweenie too gloomy for children, he was fired.

Despite his adamant opposition to directing an MCU picture, Burton is no stranger to the genre. He directed Batman, starring Michael Keaton as the main hero and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, in 1989. Burton also agreed to direct the 1992 sequel Batman Returns, lending the director's distinctive dark tones to both pictures. The 64-year-old director's filmography also includes science fiction, musicals, and live-action adaptations. He is well known for directing gothic stories such as Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.

Source: Deadline

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