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With A New Image Teased The Sims 4 High School Expansion Appears To Be Confirmed

The reported Sims 4: High School bundle is really coming to the popular social game next month, according to a listing at a major shop

The Werewolves Game Pack was formally announced in early June, offering a wealth of werewolf mythology for players to explore. After the full release of the werewolf pack, the next pack might already be on the way. The Henford Hen on Twitter has confirmed the much anticipated The Sims 4: High School addition, which was originally disclosed in an EA poll. A subscriber who saw the aforementioned expansion on the CDKeys.com website contacted the user, according to the user. The DLC's listing is still up as of this writing, suggesting that the pack would be released on July 27. Despite the fact that a pricing has been set, The Sims 4: High School is not yet available for pre-order. There's also no information on what's included in the DLC. Currently, the pack includes a basic The Sims 4 description that outlines fundamental game activities. The advertising artwork, on the other hand, appears to be plausible, but it differs somewhat from official The Sims 4 DLC covers and might be fan-made.

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Even if the High School pack turns out to be a hoax, gamers will have enough to do this summer. A tiny update was published alongside the Werewolves Game Pack, bringing one of the finest kinds of death to The Sims 4. While the placeholder information in The Sims 4: High School generates more concerns than answers, the fact that it's publicly available at a prominent shop implies that it may be changed with official facts. It's unlikely that an online retailer would add an entirely bogus addition to its catalog. This isn't the first time the High School expansion has been released, which lends credence to the latest rumors. However, like with any unsubstantiated rumor, there's a chance that all of the leaks are false.

Source: The Henford Hen

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