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With The Help Of A Cute Nendoroid PlayStation's Astro Bot Transforms Into A Real Mascot

PlayStation's Astro Bot mascot is making a physical appearance in the shape of a new Nendoroid figurine, which will be available next February

Astro Bot has subsequently featured anytime Sony has announced a new PlayStation platform or significant gaming gadget, with his next prominent role in 2018's Astro Bot Rescue Mission having him show off the PlayStation VR headset. The PS VR headset was used to control the camera in this platforming adventure, which saw an Astro Bot dubbed Captain Astro jump into action to save his robotic crewmates across several worlds. When the PlayStation 5 was released in 2020, it came pre-installed with Astro's Playroom, another wacky platformer that served as a tech showcase for the new machine and its DualSense controller. Each portion of Astro's Playroom was based after a different component of the PS5, with a few Easter egg allusions to previous PlayStation titles like God of War and Resident Evil tossed in for good measure.

According to Upload VR, Good Smile Company, a Japanese toy and hobby manufacturer, is releasing a new figure modeled after PlayStation's Astro Bot as part of its Nendoroid line - which specializes in chibi-style versions of popular characters from video games and manga, such as Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West and Joker from Persona 5. In the case of Astro Bot, no design changes were required, and the future Nendoroid figure will have a display stand, a coin fashioned after the PlayStation button symbols, a tiny fuse for Astro Bot to repair as he did in Astro's Playroom, and jet effects that connect to his feet for flight. The Astro Bot Nendoroid by Good Smile Company is now available for pre-order for $63.99, with a release date of February 2023.

Astro hasn't made a new gaming appearance since Astro's Playroom, but the friendly automaton might reappear to display Sony's future PlayStation VR2 headset, which was publicly launched by Sony back in February after its technical specifications were published a month previously at CES 2022. While this upgraded headgear may not be available until 2023, Sony and tech insiders who have seen it in action have expressed excitement about its enhanced technology, and Guerrilla Games has launched Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a Horizon Forbidden West VR spin-off.

Only time will tell if Astro Bot will return to demonstrate the PlayStation VR2 headset, as he did with its predecessor on the PlayStation 4, but the new Astro Bot Nendoroid figure captures his adorable and endearing design quite well - and Astro Bot would already fit in with the brand's other chibi-style offerings. Astro's Playroom fans with extra cash may pre-order this new figure ahead of its expected debut next year, but given how rapidly Good Smile Company's previous Nendoroid toys sell out, they may want to act quickly if they want to add Astro Bot to their gaming-themed toy shelves.

Source: Good Smile Company

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