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Years After Its Release BOTW's Prizewinning Fish Continues To Elude Players

Within their 50th playtime, a Breath of the Wild player and Reddit member discovered the "prizewinning fish" for the first time.

The vast open world of Breath of the Wild has provided players with hundreds of hours of gaming and innumerable discoveries. Even though the game was published in 2017, the huge globe continues to surprise BOTW gamers with unexpected discoveries. Aside from typical exploration, players of the game have exploited bugs to push the boundaries of Hyrule and mastered the game's sophisticated fighting mechanics to pull off incredible combinations, occasionally uncovering new opponent behaviors in the process. However, despite all of the profound mysteries discovered by gamers via rigorous study, some enthusiasts are discovering fresh discoveries in a simple fish pond.

DancyLawyer, a Reddit member, recently disclosed a finding made five years after the game's release. The Sanke Carp is a discovered find, described as a "wild armored carp that has been developed into a prizewinning fish." The Redditor admits that they were unaware that this fish appeared in Breath of the Wild. Furthermore, they indicate in the comments section that this fish was discovered in their 50th playtime. The nearly 100% upvote rate at the time of writing, as well as a long line of concurring comments, appear to show that many players were ignorant of the prize-winning fish. The Sanke Carp has no particular culinary effects, and appears to be solely intended for uncommon discovery.

This one prize-winning fish is one of many fascinating details concealed in this vast open universe, but it's far from the only one. Despite its vast world, Breath of the Wild is replete with little nuances, which fans have enjoyed uncovering as they play. Last year, for example, users noted that BOTW's sheep reacted realistically to rainstorms, huddling together under trees to stay dry. And this is only one of many details that a keen eye will notice during Link's journeys.

After 50 playthroughs of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a unique fish was discovered, demonstrating the game's limitless potential for discovery. Completing the Hyrule Compendium through finding uncommon species like these may irritate completionists, but it's in line with the developer's general intent. Breath of the Wild is all on exploration and discovery, and Hyrule has enough of both. Experienced gamers are still discovering new stuff five years after the game's debut.

Source: DancyLawyer

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